Employee Appreciation Day Giveaway

Employees support your growth, bear the weight when things get tough, and play an integral role in your ability to keep the doors open and the lights on. When I Work wants to help you thank to your employees this year by giving you the chance to enter to win one of our three amazing prizes. Explore this page to learn what you could win and how to enter!

Win Amazing Prizes!

Catered Lunch

Your entire team will receive a delicious catered lunch to celebrate their success!

Team Outing

Your entire team will enjoy an afternoon together. You choose the adventure!


Your entire team will receive When I Work swag to keep them stylin’

The Contest Is Closed

The contest is closed, try again next year!

Employee Appreciation Matters

Employees represent the backbone of your business. They support your growth, they bear the weight when things get tough, and they play an integral role in your ability to keep the doors open and the lights on. Without your employees, your business wouldn’t be where it is today. As a leader, it’s important to take the time to recognize your best employees for the work they do for you and your business. Use the resources on this page to say thank you to your employees this year on Employee Appreciation Day.

Recommended Resources

Use these resources to show your employees that you appreciate all the hard work they do for your business.


Recognize Great Work

Awesome Boss

Recognize & Reward Your Team


Employee Success Platform


Employee Recognition Platform


Social Employee Recognition


Offer Perks & Rewards to Your Employees


Employee Incentive Program


Employee Recognition & Engagement


When I Work
Special Offer

If you found this resource, it means you care about your employees. We think that’s pretty cool! As a thank you for being a great leader, we want to offer you a gift that you and your employees will both love: When I Work, the five-star rated employee scheduling app that over 40,000 businesses are using to schedule, communicate, and track time with their teams.

With employee happiness at an all-time low in companies everywhere, you have an opportunity to spend a little time, a little energy, and maybe even a little money to boost employee happiness at your business by showing your employees that you care about them, that you’re thankful for them, and that you’re looking forward to continuing to grow the business with them at your side. Spend this Employee Appreciation Day saying thank you to your team.

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