12 New Apps In 2017 To Help Your Business Management’s Productivity

A productive staff is the backbone of any successful business. Productivity ensures that employees run each aspect of a company effectively and efficiently, maximizing your investments in each worker.

In fact, the more productive your team is, the more money you save. This timely topic is receiving more attention lately with the launch of the new UK Productivity Council. Backed by £13 million, the new private-sector council is working to increase the productivity of UK workers to match the performance of counterparts in France and Germany.

Rather than waiting for their expert findings, get a head start on productivity in 2017. These brand new apps can help you to streamline your business management processes and strengthen your company in the new year:

1. TravelBank

TravelBank is a cool new app that enables business owners to plan ahead for expenses. It not only features quick expense-capture, it also creates budgets in advance for projects or business trips. This approach ensures managers stay ahead of (and in budget) when it comes to spending, minimizing excessive or unnecessary business purchases.

2. Quuu

quuu.co landing page

This social media automation tool is perfect for any small business hoping to amplify their marketing efforts. Based on your chosen topics and audience, Quuu’s experts pick a few pieces of content a day for you to share in your channels, automatically uploading them to Twitter.

Research shows that building a strong online presence leads to greater consumer interaction and increased trust — Quuu makes it easy for you to do that without taking the time to manually input content.

3. Markd


Markd helps business owners create connections in your industry, highlighting potential partners, and noting potential clients or customers. Their app acts like a “bookmark for people.” If you stumble on someone’s personal website or social media channel, and you want to make a note of it, you can click an extension in Chrome. It saves all these new contacts to a handy online file.

4. Time

Procrastinators, beware! The app Time wants to help you manage, prioritize, and execute your tasks with precision. Its color-coded timers bring a to-do list to the next level, allotting time for each goal and warning you with a “yellow” and then “red” background when the time is up. In other words, it creates artificial (visual) deadlines that help you to meet your goals.

5. Timeular


Timeular created the app ZEI as a different solution to the same old procrastination problem. They raised €314,000 on Kickstarter in September. Here’s how it works: Each side of this eight-sided box represents a different task. You configure each side, and as you’re working, flip the side up that represents the task you’re working on. As you change your task or project, you can rotate the little box accordingly. Not only does this handy tool save time drained into time-tracking, it accurately captures your spent hours with a simple movement and uploads them to Toggl.

6. Moo.do

Is your inbox really one bulging to-do list? Moo.do miraculously help you to tease out to-dos from every email, helping you to stay ahead of your responsibilities as a business manager. You can drag an email to a list like “In Progress” or “To Do,” marking it with hashtags for easy tracking. If you get mired in emails, this tool is for you. It’s an easy, forward-thinking way to turn reactive work into an agenda for the day’s task.

7. Newton

Newton Email

Newton also revolutionizes your emails in a completely different way. This app gives you the option to press “snooze” on certain messages, schedule emails in advance, and find out when someone has read your message. Business owners who want to keep their inbox at “zero” and communicate effectively should try it for free.

8. Textio

Textio Screenshot

We’ve talked a lot about how challenging it is to write the perfect job description. Without the help of an internal HR team, it can be tricky for business owners to craft the right phrasing or capture the full extent of a job. Textio is an advanced app that helps you to master this task while saving you time. Give it a whirl next time you have a vacancy.

9. UserTesting

If you work in the digital space, UserTesting is going to be your best friend this year. This app pays people to test out your site and give awesome feedback about whether it meets your audience’s needs (and your business goals). It’s like hiring a User Experience consultant but much more affordable.

10. HackerOne

HackerOne is for business security what UserTesting is for design. If you own a small company that keeps customer information online, you need to know its safe. Rather than trying to figure it out yourself, you can hire a hacker to make sure your security systems are up to speed.

11. FullStory

Customer service is one of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s job. Business owners that need to do it online can face real frustrations because they can’t see what caused the problem. FullStory is changing that by giving business owners access to their customers’ clicks and actions on the web page. With full transparency, it’s a lot easier to get to the bottom of the problem and keep customers happy.

12. When I Work

employee rota_mobile

When I Work isn’t brand new, but it is the best way to tackle the headache of shift scheduling. Rather than relying on bulky calendars or excel sheets, this mobile app makes it simple for workers to communicate their availability and managers to schedule with a drag-and-drop system. Because it’s all accessible on a smartphone, there’s a lot more transparency about hours and without requiring unnecessary back and forth.

Productivity is particularly important for business owners and managers, who have to juggle multiple (and often conflicting) responsibilities. These 12 apps can lead to a more productive future, inspiring your team to follow in your footsteps and take more responsibility for their time.

12 New Apps In 2017 To Help Your Business Management's Productivity