7 Rostering Pain Points You Eliminate with Employee Rostering Software

From small businesses to big businesses, grocery stores to restaurants, employee scheduling software streamlines your business workflow and relieves the major headaches that can arise from managing a few to several hundred employees.

The idea behind employee scheduling software is simple: providing business owners and managers with the ability to create, distribute, and manage multiple lists and schedules.

Which, in turn, leads to increased productivity and results for both the business and employee.

But what specific pain points are eliminated with employee scheduling software besides relieving headaches?

We’ve put together a handy list of our top 7 pain points eliminated by employee scheduling software so that you will be able to make a truly informed decision when considering and purchasing a product.

1. Efficiency  

Finally, you’ll be able to put down that pen and paper or even that Excel spreadsheet and use an innovative product that is meant to streamline employee scheduling so you can get back to what’s important.

Freeing your day (or your office manager’s) day up from tedious and repetitive tasks like assigning roles, managing facilities, keeping attendance, and monthly pay computing will help you remain efficient.

2. Economics

Often business owners are quick to assume that employee scheduling software products are too expensive or a waste of time for their unique business.  

That’s why we like to refer to the “economics” of employee scheduling software. What often takes several hours, days, or even weeks can be done in just a few minutes.

For example, Employee A can only work three Saturdays per month because of their grad school classes while Employee B is a minor and can only work a certain amount of hours per week due to labor laws. All the while, Employee C is getting married and so needs time off sporadically throughout the month.

3. Balance

Employee scheduling software gives business owners and managers the opportunity to take a step back and see the big picture. In one easy step, users get an overview of what the upcoming week, month, or year looks like for each one of the employees at the company.

This is important because owners and managers can identify when employees are over or under-worked. Once identified, tasks can be delegated to balance the load between employees over a period of time.

4. Distribution

One of the biggest pain points eliminated by employee scheduling software is the ability to quickly distribute schedules to employees online.

Employees and managers can swiftly access their schedules anywhere, anytime. This sort of instant access is crucial to managing changes, questions, and updates to a company’s always-in-flux workforce.

5. Reducing Disagreements

Any business that requires the management of multiple employee schedules understands that disagreements regarding schedules, time off, and duties will arise – it’s in the nature of scheduling.

However, employee scheduling software can help to dramatically reduce those disagreements between employees. Because the schedule can easily be created, distributed, and accessed, employees will have ample opportunity to ensure its correctness and request any necessary changes to be made well in advance.

6. Vacations & Holidays

Managing vacation time and holidays is a pain point often brought up from business owners in various industries. It can be a time-consuming and daunting task, but shouldn’t be painful for you or your employees.

Employee scheduling software gives employees the advanced opportunity to glance at an overview of their coworker’s schedules during holidays and vacation-heavy times so that they may plan accordingly with their own schedules.

7. Labor Cost Monitoring

Would you be able to explain exactly how much your labor is costing your business and the ROI on that labor? With employee scheduling software, you can.

Many products allow owners and managers to compare theoretical costs to actual costs, see which employees or positions are the largest portion of your labor cost, and even observe your business in real time.

Employee scheduling software products are quickly becoming the norm for many industries that require employee scheduling management because of the many benefits they provide and the pain points they eliminate.

They’re fast, efficient, economical, and relieve headaches for business owners and managers that were previously unsolvable without such a product. Most importantly, they allow businesses to get back to what’s important instead of wasting time on tedious tasks.

7 Rostering Pain Points You Eliminate with Employee Rostering Software