Receptionist Job Description blog post

7 Reasons Why Your Receptionist Job Description Isn’t Producing The Right Talent

Do you find that you’re not recruiting the right talent? As hard as you work to find the best receptionists,…

all-star customer service team

5 Key Factors That Make An All-Star Customer Service Team

Did you know that 73% of customers end a relationship with a company because of bad service? More than any…

exit interview questions

The Exit Interview Questions Your Managers Should Be Asking When An Employee Leaves

A study from Investors in People suggests that 49% of UK workers want to quit their job in 2016. These…

customer relationships

5 Ways to Create & Build Better Customer Relationships Today

For growing businesses, there are a few crucial areas to take care of: creating excellent products or services, managing the…

thank you seasonal workers

27 Creative Ways To Say Thank You to Your Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers are essential to a lot of businesses. They enable business owners to meet a growing demand for their…

poor recruitment process

How To Save Your Failing Business From a Poor Recruitment Process

A business’ greatest asset is its employees. They reflect the potential of a company and make or break its relationships…

employee handbook policies

The Important Policies Your Employee Handbook Might Be Missing

Do you have an updated employee handbook for staff members? Even more than a contract, a comprehensive employee handbook increases…

free smb rota schedule

3 Free Ways To Create A Rota

Creating a staff rota is one of the most frustrating parts of running a small business. It’s nearly impossible to…

Bike Shop Marketing

9 Marketing Campaigns To Try At Your Bike Shop This Autumn

Autumn is an important time for a cycle shop. With winter around the corner, shops need to take advantage of…

employee deserving promotion

7 Key Signs Your Employee Deserves A Promotion

Promotions make a lot of business owners nervous. They struggle to know who to promote and when to promote them….

loyal customers tea room

8 Ways To Create Loyal Customers At Your Tea Room

Tea rooms are a longstanding British tradition that bring people together to relax and chat over an afternoon pot of…

Holiday Request Form UK

A Quick Guide to Building and Managing a Holiday Request Form

A 2014 study from Glassdoor found that the average UK employee only uses 77% of their annual leave. Although that…

sick person blowing nose, sick leave for small business

The Tips and Tools to Manage Sick Leave at Your Small Business

The annual cost of sickness absence has climbed to almost £29 billion for UK organisations. These absences are an incredible…

employee benefits successful business

Why Employee Benefits Are Necessary For A Successful Business

Did you know that three out of five American workers would rather spend a night in jail than live without…


How to Get Employees to Care About Learning and Development

Learning and development is an essential part of building a successful team. Through training and coaching, a company’s management can…

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